Return of The Mac

Yesterday we gathered around friends and family for another holiday. We celebrated with turkey, chicken, dressing, potato salad, casserole, sweet potato pie pecan pie, and most important, macaroni and cheese. Every year around this time people come onto the Twitter timeline to showcase their culinary prowess, or lack thereof, with their renditions of a cultural … Continue reading Return of The Mac

Now Why You Wanna Go and Do That?

On the day before the annual celebration of the pilgrims beginning their colonization of Native American lands, one of the last known indigenous Indian tribes killed an American missionary who was attempting to convert the tribe to Christianity. The tribe located on the Andamans Islands, known as the Sentinelese, is completely cut off from the … Continue reading Now Why You Wanna Go and Do That?

Vote Me Up, Scotty!

Tuesday's election did not necessarily go the way we hoped. Though democrats gained control of the House, Republicans kept control of the Senate. Ted Cruz beat Beto O'Rourke, Andrew Gillum conceded early Tuesday night to Ron DeSantis, and the votes did not turn out in Stacey Abram's favor. Despite that, we made some progress in … Continue reading Vote Me Up, Scotty!