Caravan Chaos


Sunday, the caravan that has been traveling through South America for about the past month finally reached its destination: the US border. And as expected, it came to a violent head.

The caravan was met by the Mexican Federal police, who tried to contain the caravan. The caravan got around them and rushed the border trying to bust through the chain link fence at the Tijuana border. Men, women, and children were then shot with tear gas. They ran from the border, and some even hid under a stopped train to escape the chaos.

This feels a little bit like the civil rights movement to me. The civil rights movement was a movement of choreographed chaos. Protestors would put themselves in situation where they knew they would be violently attacked, in hopes that it would be broadcasted on the news across the country and people could really get an informed look at the atrocities that were happening. Women and children were attacked by police dogs and had flesh torn from their bodies by high pressure water hoses.

The caravan seems to be playing the same strategy. They had to have known there was no way they could successfully rush the border without consequence. Maybe that was the point.

It’s yet to be seen if the country really cares, though. This is not the first time the country has committed violent acts against women and children. Black protesters in Fergus were met with tear gas and brute force by police. The crowd included women and children, The country has been bombing Syria for years now. Women and children are routinely amongst the dead.

I had a friend recently say to me in regards to the caravans predicament, “They’re trying to escape Hell… and if it’s either shit or shit, you choose shit.”


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