Return of The Mac

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Yesterday we gathered around friends and family for another holiday. We celebrated with turkey, chicken, dressing, potato salad, casserole, sweet potato pie pecan pie, and most important, macaroni and cheese.

Every year around this time people come onto the Twitter timeline to showcase their culinary prowess, or lack thereof, with their renditions of a cultural staple: macaroni and cheese. The pictures include chunks of Velveeta, squares of Kraft singles spread around on top of the mac, vegetables, and every other atrocity you can think of. And every year, black folk get offended. Because whether you messed the Mac and Cheese up just for likes and retweets or you truly believe that is how macaroni and cheese should be made, a perfectly good pan of macaroni and cheese has been RUINED by your hands. Unacceptable.

This years macaroni and cheese dish came with an interesting conversation topic on Twitter: whether or not macaroni and cheese should be made with spaghetti or elbow noodles. My family does it with spaghetti noodles, and I never thought about how that is a foreign concept to some people. When I asked my mom the thought process behind using spaghetti instead of elbow, she replied, “Just something different.”

However you like your noodles, I hope it wasn’t ruined by an unworthy and unskilled designated mac and cheese maker. I also hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving!


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