Now Why You Wanna Go and Do That?

On the day before the annual celebration of the pilgrims beginning their colonization of Native American lands, one of the last known indigenous Indian tribes killed an American missionary who was attempting to convert the tribe to Christianity.

The tribe located on the Andamans Islands, known as the Sentinelese, is completely cut off from the rest of civilization. They are known to be extremely hostile towards outsiders, so much so, that the Indian government has made it illegal for anyone to go to the island. Needless to say, some have still tried….and died. In 2006, fishermen who had wondered onto the island was killed by the tribe. Their bodies were thrown in shallow graves on the beach. 12 years later, John Allen Chau, tried…and failed. He was ferried to the island by six fishermen, all of who have been arrested by the Indian government.

One might ask, why are the Sentinelese so hostile? Well, ironically, on the day of celebrated colonialism, I’m glad you asked. The Sentinelese have watched their neighboring indigenous tribes become extinct as a result of ________(guess).


As a result, they’re not having it! Their isolation from the rest of the world also makes them susceptible to a number of diseases that westernized humans could expose them to.

So on Thanksgiving eve, after an American missionary was killed trying to spread the gospel to the Sentinelese instead of minding his business back in Alabama with his family around the holidays, we ask John on behalf on Clifford “T.I” Harris: “Now why you wanna go and do that, huh?”

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