(GoT)ta Love It


Game of Thrones returned to the timeline last week dropping the release date and the official trailer for their final season. The only problem? It wasn’t really a trailer. It was more of a compilation of clips from the last 7 seasons. Not exactly what the people want, especially since it’s been over a year since the last episode of season 7 aired.

Nevertheless, the trailer dug up the old bones of GoT conspiracies. Like Tyrion is actually a Targaryan and Bran is the Night King. My personal favorite conspiracy is that Arya Stark has been dead since leaving Bravos and is just Jaqen H’ghar wearing her face.  Not because I want Arya Stark to be dead, but because that twist would flip the entire story on its head…and it’d be entertaining to see how that plays out.

But honestly, I’m just ready for the return of the #DemThrones hashtag. Black Twitter comes together a couple times a year: for Insecure, the BET Awards, Scandal, and Game of Thrones. Each time it’s like a family reunion. Black humor is unmatched and being able to witness it in real time is always a top notch experience.

Let me knot your favorite GoT conspiracy theories in the comments below!

See you all in April! #DemThrones

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