Gabrielle’s Union

Gabrielle Union took to Twitter to announce that she and Dwyane Wade had welcomed a new baby girl to the family on Wednesday, by way of a surrogate. Anyone who is a fan of Gabrielle Union and has followed her personal life over the past few years knows how joyous of an occasion this is, for her. She is a person who has never been quiet about her struggles. In her 2017 memoir she revealed that she has had eight or nine miscarriages.

Eight or nine.

The miscarriages were due to a condition called adenomyosis. She was diagnosed earlier this year at 45. The story is made even more beautiful by the revelation that the baby is the result of Gabrielle Union’s last viable egg. Her last shot at the child she has always wanted. Success.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Michelle Obama opened up about her own struggle with infertility. She was able to have Sasha and Malia only after undergoing IVF. She says that women, for fear of shame, don’t talk about it enough.

Infertility is not uncommon. It is estimated that 1 in every 10 couples struggle with conceiving a child. And women, every day, take on that unnecessary burden of feeling useless and alone.

Hopefully Gabrielle Union and Michelle Obama opening up about their struggles, and their success, lets women know that there is always hope.

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