Vote Me Up, Scotty!


Tuesday’s election did not necessarily go the way we hoped. Though democrats gained control of the House, Republicans kept control of the Senate. Ted Cruz beat Beto O’Rourke, Andrew Gillum conceded early Tuesday night to Ron DeSantis, and the votes did not turn out in Stacey Abram’s favor.

Despite that, we made some progress in the legislation department. Michigan passed the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, Louisiana passes an amendment requiring unanimous jury convictions in all felony charges, and Florida restored voting rights to all citizens who had served their jail time and were previously stripped of the right. California rejected rent control, which does not really make sense but whatever.

In the midst Beto, Andrew, and Stacey’s losses were serious accusations of voter suppression. Polling stations in Georgia were given only three polling machines, and some of them did not even come with power chords, leaving hundreds of voters stranded for hours in a long line once the batteries ran out. Accusations so serious, that the NAACP and Stacey Abrams have filed lawsuits against the state alleging the intentional suppression of votes in minority areas.

There is even talk of a recount in Florida after Gillum and DeSantis’ margin closed to within .5% after all the votes came in, and it came out that a large amount of ballots had not been included in the initial count. Florida is no stranger to voting controversy, just ask Bush!

So this election season may not be over yet!

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