The Tyrone Hankerson Bloodline

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Back in March of this year a Howard Student by the name of Tyrone Hankerson Jr. stepped into infamy after he was accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the school and using it to fund a life of lavish. New cars, thousand dollar fur coats, and oversees vacations, things like that. At that time, a lot of the students felt the same way about the situation: if he had to steal, why did he have to steal it from US?!

Fast forward to November, news breaks on the timeline about a young woman who has swindled $150,000 out of conservatives by setting up a GoFundMe and pretending to be a republican Trump supporter who has been kicked out onto the streets and shunned by her parents. Eventually, the Republicans found her old tweets praising Obama and figured out that she was lying. She justified her ruse by saying, “Republicans aren’t people, anyways.”

Did I forget to mention that she went to Howard University?

She became an overnight “finesse queen” as she puts it, and thus cemented herself as the rightful heir to Tyrone Hankerson’s finesse throne.

After reports of her making $150,000, she corrected headlines by saying that her take was actually $0. She said she was going to use the money to pay for her college tuition (she is currently on a break due to her inability to fund her education), but decided to refund everyone their money back because she did not want to fund her education with Republican money.

Her name is Quran (which is another joke altogether), and she is everything we wished Tyrone to be.

One thought on “The Tyrone Hankerson Bloodline

  1. I also followed this story from the beginning. From the disappointment of seeing a black girl in the red hat, the further pain of learning she went to HU, then the sheer pride of learning it was all a ploy to finesse the white man out of 6 figures. By the time I learned she didn’t really get any money, all I wished was that I had thought of it first. Your comparison of her to tyrone is hilarious and accurate, such a weird facet of Howard culture.


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