Shebib’s Deeds


Pusha T said that it was about to be a surgical summer, and that he was going to take it slow. He warned us, but I don’t think any of us were prepared for just how surgical and slow it was about to get. Surgical summer just turned to surgical fall.

Last week, Drake made an appearance on Lebron James’ HBO show “The Shop” and talked about his beef with Pusha T over the summer. He said that Kanye West lied to him on several occasions, finessed him out of some free work, and released Lift Yourself after promising to give him the beat. He also revealed that he sent Kanye a picture of his (at that time) secret child and that Kanye told Pusha T, which he later told the world about in The Story of Adidon. Later in the interview with Lebron, when addressing Pusha T, he said that “there’s just a price you have to pay” for revealing that 40, Drake’s producer and best friend, is suffering from multiple sclerosis and would die soon.

Key takeway from that backstory: Drake alleged that Kanye West told Pusha T about Drake’s baby, and that 40 (aka Noah Shebib) is Drake’s producer and best friend. Get it? Got it? Good.

In a SCALDING interview with Joe Budden released Wednesday morning, Pusha T addressed the allegations made by Drake. He claims that Kanye West had nothing to do with him finding out about Drake’s son, and that the information came from 40 (Drakes BEST FRIEND) himself. Well, not exactly from 40 himself. 40 told a woman after sex, and that woman later told Pusha T. Anywho, 40 is the original leak!

The Story of Adidon was Pusha T’s “check.”

This interview on the Joe Budden Podcast was his “checkmate.”

Because not only did Pusha T control the narrative of Drake’s fatherhood and force him to reveal his child, he has also waged a psychological war against Drake by making him question the people he trusts most. If this is true, Drake has some real re-evaluating to do when it comes to his inner circle. I’m sure being betrayed like that is going to be hard to deal with.  They say the worst part of betrayal is that it always comes from someone you know and trust.


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