Nunya (Black) Business


Black business has always been a tricky topic. We want to support, but they don’t always have the resources to serve us in the way we would like. They often outsource manufacturing and don’t have a readily available inventory, so shipping may take weeks. When a customer has complaints, they often go straight to the business owner who may not be trained in customer service. My question is this: is it REALLY a black thing?

As black people, the only businesses we actively seek out are black ones. If we walk into a random store off the street because we see some clothes in the window that we like, we usually aren’t too concerned with the race of the person who owns it. If, while shopping there, we discover the owner is black, that is just an added perk. Even so, it wasn’t not the initial reason for us stopping in the store. And if we walk into that same store, without knowing the race of the owner, and experience bad customer service, we accredit it solely to the store itself. We don’t say the owner has bad customer service, we say the store does.

The majority of the time, we run into black businesses online. They are usually advertised as a black business, so our reason for shopping with the unfamiliar brand is to support our own people. That makes our interaction with the brand and our thoughts about our experience a little different than the storefront we went to off the street. Because we decided to patronize the brand because the owner was black, we attribute everything that happens to that fact. Bad service? Because it’s a black business. Late shipment? Because it’s a black business. Low quality product? Because it’s a black business.

I don’t think it is a black business issue, I think it is a small business issue. The service isn’t bad because black people are just worse people persons, it’s because they do not have customer service training and don’t have the money to undergo that training. The quality isn’t poor because black people make a lesser quality product, it’s because they don’t have the money to manufacture goods at a high level. Shipping is delayed because small businesses cannot afford to keep large quantities on hand. It isn’t a black business issue, and I wish we as a race would stop treating it as such. Most black business are small businesses. THAT is where the issue is.

Tell me your thoughts!

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